Hi, I'm Uriel Benítez

Over 3 years of experience as a systems engineer and software developer in Mexico, specializing in front-end development.

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Work experience.

Systems analyst.

Inbursa Bank inbursa bank

March 2023


Enhance the accessibility, navigation, and design of the web application to encourage its usage.

  • Improve accessibility to make it compatible with different devices and browsers.
  • Enhance the website navigation to make it easier and more intuitive for users.
  • Encourage the use of the web application with a new and appealing design.

Streamline the development of native applications and standardize the views shared between the web and mobile application.

  • Facilitate the development of native applications through the reuse of code and components.
  • Standardize the views shared between the web and mobile application to provide a consistent user experience.

Front-end Developer

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June 2021

February 2023

Prototyping for advertising campaigns development.

  • Create interactive prototypes for various campaigns.
  • Increase the engagement of advertising campaigns.
  • Increase product sales according to the campaign.
  • Implement creative ideas at the code level.
  • Creation of interactive games with score registration.

Creation of web applications

  • Generate new ideas for potential future campaigns.
  • Develop applications to streamline the work of different departments.
  • Implement scripts to automate various tasks in the technology department.

Maintenance and creation of websites.

  • Maintenance of various client websites.
  • Creation of new features for different brands.
  • Development of new pages with the goal of refreshing the brand.
  • Optimization of digital resources.
  • Server maintenance.

Front-end Developer Jr.

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December 2020

June 2021

Development of an e-commerce application for the Nestle brand.

  • Implementation of new features.
  • Use of external libraries for connection to ticket printer.
  • Optimization of image loading 25% faster.
  • Connecting the front-end with the back-end through endpoints.
  • Communication with different areas of the team, such as QA and Backend.
  • Implementation of new designs.
  • Maintenance and bug fixing.

Software Developer

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March 2020

December 2020

Maintenance and updating of various websites.

  • Creation of new requirements for projects.
  • Maintenance and update of websites.
  • Learning PHP Laravel.

Creation of resources and optimization.

  • Maintenance and updating of images and resources.
  • Creation of SVGs, videos, or images required for projects.
  • Optimization of images for next-generation formats. (25% - 35%).

Creation and maintenance of relational databases.

  • Updating databases according to the project's specifications.
  • Connections to databases on external servers.
  • Creation of database backups.

Programming intern

Hidalgo's government goverment's institute

December 2019

March 2020

Creation and maintenance of the state institution's website.

  • Maintenance of the official website.
  • Creation of flowcharts.

Database maintenance.

  • Database maintenance in Excel.
  • Migration of some databases to relational databases.
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Web apps

screenshot about encuestadoz-quiz game

Encuestados - Quiz game.

  • picture mongo logo MongoDB
  • picture express logo Express
  •  picture react logo React
  • picture node logo Node

Encuestados is a Quiz-type game that allows you to test your knowledge across a wide range of categories. Each category features carefully crafted questions designed to challenge your mind.

screenshot about space invaders game.

Space invaders game.

  • picture html logo HTML
  • picture css logo CSS
  • picture javascript logo Javascript
  • picture express logo Express
  • picture mongo logo MongoDB
  • picture socket logo Socket IO

Space Invaders is a thrilling game programmed in Javascript that puts you in the shoes of a space defender. Your mission is straightforward: 'eliminate the space invaders and protect Earth.' Connect your phone to the game through Sockets by simply scanning a QR code. Take command of your spaceship using your mobile device and unleash a barrage of fire upon your enemies.

screenshot about machine arula-oracle.

Alura-oracle encryption machine

  • picture html logo HTML
  • picture css logo CSS
  • picture javascript logo Javascript

The encryption exercise proposed by Arula and Oracle allows you to protect your messages from prying eyes. This method encrypts the vowels in your texts using pre-established keys, making it an ideal tool to maintain your privacy.

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About me.

Uriel Benítez Medina, in a snow day

Hello, I am Uriel Benítez Medina, a systems engineer graduated from the Technological Institute of Mexico. Currently, I work in the Banking sector for Grupo Inbursa as a systems analyst. I have experience in various areas, working for digital agencies and in software development.

My most recent achievement in programming was winning the 'Best Project' award at the React 2023 Bootcamp by Código Facilito.

At the moment, I am taking courses in areas such as AI , DevOps and Microservices to continue developing professionally.